The Incubus’s Second Helping

 His life has never been better…
so why can’t he let himself enjoy it?

It was only a few months ago that Ryan was starving himself, hating his incubus nature. Now he has Chris, his amazing boyfriend who not only doesn’t mind that Ryan’s an incubus, but takes great pleasure in keeping Ryan well-fed. He loves Chris and Chris loves him back. Ryan’s healthier, more energized… he shouldn’t be having problems anymore.

But Ryan’s spent almost his whole life thinking he was worthless, and it isn’t easy to overcome. Throw in a visit from his mother and accidentally meeting Chris’s ex-boyfriend and it’s all too natural for Ryan to spiral back into suffocating self-doubt.  

Ryan might no longer be a threat to others… but can he overcome his own inner demons?

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The Incubus's Second Helping (Craving More #2)