The Incubus’s First Real Meal

An incubus who’d rather die than feed…
and a witch determined to save him.

Ryan has never enjoyed being an incubus. He hates the hunger that constantly plagues him and hates the need to feed off the sexual desire of others. But most of all he hates the power of his aura and how it removes the inhibitions of other people. Ryan is not about to push himself on a person magically forced into being willing. Instead he spends his weekends at various clubs, gleaning what he can off the energy in the air. And the handsome, all-too-tempting new bouncer at one of his regular haunts? Ryan can deal. He’s gotten good at denying himself.

Chris is a tattoo artist by trade and a bouncer as a favor to a friend. He also happens to be a witch with a talent for reading auras that is second to none, and he’s been paying attention to frequent club-goer Ryan for a while. Sure Ryan’s gorgeous and totally his type, but beneath that glossy exterior Chris can tell he’s in pain – and his aura is so weak it’s scary. When he steps in to stop Ryan from getting unwanted attention from a handsy club patron, he realizes Ryan is an incubus… and that he’s starving himself to death.

Ryan needs to feed before it’s too late, but can Chris convince him it’s not just about sex? Will Ryan ever believe that someone might want him of their own free will?

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The Incubus's First Real Meal (Craving More, #1)