The Werewolf’s Nymph Neighbor

A werewolf raising two kids on his own…

A grumpy nymph who moves in next door…

and a bond that might just save them both.

Eric loves his new house. Specifically, as a nymph, he loves the garden. And while he doesn’t love the two curious and talkative kids next door at first, he’s not so much of an unsociable hermit that he won’t answer their questions. As for their father, well, Eric won’t deny that he finds him incredibly attractive, and finding out that he’s single only makes him more irresistible. But Eric’s a nymph; sex is always on his mind. He’s perfectly capable of ignoring his impulses.

Single dad Leon is taken with his new neighbor at first glance. He’s beautiful, ridiculously competent, and he smells fantastic which, for a werewolf, means a lot to Leon. The fact that he’s good with Leon’s kids, even when it’s clear he doesn’t know how to react to their affection, is what tips the balance from “curious” to “altogether too interested.” He can’t deny the pull he feels toward Eric, but he’s willing to take things slow.

When hunters threaten Leon’s family, Eric steps in to help, and the aftermath of adrenaline leads him straight to Leon’s bed. But while it makes Leon realize just how important Eric really is… Eric is convinced Leon could never want something more. Before either of them can deal with their own feelings, the hunters return; more dangerous, more determined, and this time Eric is a target too.

Can Leon save his family? Can Eric allow himself to become a part of it?

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The Werewolf's Nymph Neighbbor