Werewolf Bitten, Twice Shy

A struggling college student…
And a run-in with a wolf that brings several things into focus.

Broke, exhausted, and homeless, Cameron Drake’s only hope is to make it to tomorrow. At twenty-two, he’s a full-time college sophomore working third shift at a warehouse and only scraping by because he doesn’t pay rent. Living in his car isn’t the easiest, but he makes it work.

Cameron lives and breathes photography, and all he wants to do is graduate and wield a camera for a living. When Ezra Green, a world-renowned photographer, offers Cameron a paid internship, Cameron can’t believe his luck. Ezra is kind, and a fantastic mentor, and it’s altogether too easy for Cameron to develop a crush on the handsome older man. Even though Ezra seems to care for him in turn, Cameron shoves his feelings down in favor of working harder. For once in his life, he gets to have something good. He doesn’t want to mess it up.

Naturally, his good luck is interrupted by a freak wolf attack.

Injured and without anywhere else to go, Cameron would rather die than burden Ezra. Will Ezra be able to convince Cameron that he isn’t a burden at all?

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The Werewolf's Nymph Neighbbor